Friday, October 8, 2010

Bag Orders From the Week...

I think you all were waiting for the new fabric to arrive because I got THREE orders for the same bag with the same fabric last week!

The coolest thing about customizing your own bags is that no two bags ever look alike!

Here's what I mean:
Three Carla Bags with the same material - but all so different!

How cute are those?!
I loved putting them together!

You may notice the one in middle is different from the outside ones.
That's because I'm in the process of modifying the Carla to make it more unique.
I'm always updated and modifying the bags to make them better and this is just one example.

The new Carla has one distinct pleat in both the front and the back of the bag.
It also has straps that attach to the bag by fabric covered buttons through buttonhole!
Super cute!

Some of you may be sad that the Old Carla is gone.
Here's a last look at her beautiful physique.
Along with the Ruffle Clutch and Judi Checkbook Cover
I did love the button closure on the Old Carla and will invent a new bag with that closure in the future.
So it won't be gone forever...
But for now, this is the new Carla.
Let's welcome her and make her feel loved!

{Ladies who see their custom bag here... there is a Judi for sale -ready to ship- that matches your bag if you're interested.  Since all bag accessories ship free with a bag purchase, you won't have to pay the extra shipping, of course.  Email me today if you want it!}

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  1. Oh. my. gosh. I love it! I was looking at it, studying it...and then it just hit me and I felt all these excited butterflies in my stomach. I just LOVE it! I'm so excited to start taking it around with me and get tons of compliments and send referrals your way.

    You are amazing.

    Love you!


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