Saturday, October 16, 2010

Scrap Happy Saturday #4

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On to Scrap Happy Saturday...
Don't forget to link up any projects you have done with fabric scraps at the end of this tutorial!
It doesn't have to be something you did this week... anything is accepted.

This week I REALLY wanted to get rid of a BUNCH of fabric scraps, so I came up with:

I've had an empty decorative dish sitting on my dining room table ever since we moved and all my previous decorative balls got lost/smashed/broken.

Since I wasn't about to go spend money on anything else, these were invented.

There are two ways to make them, so follow closely.

First, the small, twisted fabric balls:
Take a bunch of fabric scraps and cut them into strips.  Different lengths are accepted.

Tie them end to end.

Now here's the technical part.  Take a piece of paper and crumble it into a ball.

Using hot glue, start by gluing one end of your fabric string to the paper.

Twist and glue in random places to cover all of the white.


To make a larger, BRAIDED fabric ball, follow these instructions:
Take three strips of fabric and tie them at one end.

Use something heavy to secure your end and braid the entire strip.

You want it pretty long, so when you run out of fabric, tie more strips to each end and continue braiding.

When you think it's long enough, tie off your ends (you can always add more later).

You should have a long braid by now.

Take a crumbled paper ball and wrap a second sheet around it loosely to make a larger circumference.

 Then glue and wrap until you have this!

What do you think?

I think I'll keep them around.

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