Saturday, November 5, 2011

beautiful bags

Your bags that shipped this week:

Let's start with this beauty:  The Alicia

And again in the original form:

Snack bags:

Snack bags:

and MORE snack bags (with a hair straightener cover thrown in):

A Tracey:

A Clara Lynn:

And a fun Emily:

Thanks for your orders!  Did you check out yesterday's post about the new Kiva loans?  You won't believe how much we've been able to loan out to low income entrepreneurs!  It's incredible.

1 comment:

  1. my Pinky pink pinkness bag!!!!! Yay! I am going to put that picture on my blog (if I can, that is). I love it so much! Have gotten comments already. I had been looking on the blog for it come up, but then I got busy and forgot to look. I got it in the mail before you posted this, though


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