Saturday, November 19, 2011

headbands are just extensions of little girls' heads {a tutorial}

Ever since Ditty was born, I've put headbands on her.  I want her to think that the headband is just an extension of her body - mostly so she won't pull it off every second.  So far it seems to be working.

Here is a photo montage of 'Lil Ditty with all her headbands.
Headbands are from:
Center - some boutique store in IL, Top Left Corner - Target, Top Center - Dollar Store, Top Right Corner - Bandz by Liz, Right Center - Bandz by Liz, Bottom Left Corner - handmade, Bottom Center - interchangeable flower hat by Ooh So Chic Boutique, Bottom Right Corner - interchangeable bow clips from Sunshine Items, Left Center - just a simple piece of ribbon

But, I'm getting bored with all the headbands we have.  So, instead of buying more (although I did recently do that, too), I decided to make one out of an old loved t-shirt of mine.

You can too:

Start with your old worn shirt.

Cut a strip of fabric about 2" wide and 14" long (remember, it will stretch to fit your little one's head).

Sew the ends together.

Try it on your little love to make sure it's the right size.  If it's too loose, just sew it together to make it smaller.  If it's too tight, start over!
The band is now finished, so you can decorate with a fun flower!
I cut four flowers in differing sizes - no pattern needed... you can't mess it up.

 Laid the on top of one another.

 Then sewed them together by hand.

Such a cute, sweet headband that was super cheap.  Much better than throwing that torn shirt away!
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  1. Great headband tutorial! I will have to try this, especially since I am trying to teach my little girl J the same thing (that headbands are an extension of her head! Good way to phrase that!)


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