Tuesday, December 1, 2009

42 weeks of pregnancy prayers

Those precious weeks of pregnancy can be full of so many emotions! For me, I was already dreaming about being a mom, yet so fearful about it at the same time. I found it helpful to focus my weeks on praying for different aspects of my developing baby. 

Each week of the prayer cards, a different developing part is highlighted. For example, the week the heart starts to beat, we pray that our little one's heart will come to know and love Jesus above all else.  And the week the tongue starts to develop?  We are praying for pure speech and encouraging words to flow through it as our baby grows into an adult.  

Purchase the download links one time and you can print as many copies of the cards as you'd like.  Gift them to all your pregnant friends and keep one for yourself to pray along with them!  Or use them during your own pregnancy to focus your prayers on that little one.  Please do not forward or share the download links with anyone.  Thank you.

38 cards in 12 designs.  Bible Verses in NIV.

"These cards do not just focus on praying for a 'healthy baby', but really zone in on the spiritual aspects of the baby's life.  Wonderful."

"What a great resource to use in preparation for the arrival of your precious gift!  Not only will it help to connect you with the Father's love for your sweet baby, but it will also help you bond with your baby as you pray for them.  What a blessing children are! It is never too soon to start praying for them!"

"As an expectant mother, you always wonder what parts of your baby's development you should be praying for each week.  These prayer cards are the perfect guide for any expectant mother and would make a great gift for a new mom.  Even better, they are great for veteran moms, too."

Price: $8


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