Thursday, October 27, 2011

to remember those we love or lost

Today is the last day to link up to the Pinterest Challenge.  I hope all of you are just last minute crafters - or I'm really sad that only FOUR people linked up to the Home Decor category.  We had well over that for each of the previous rounds.  Maybe it's a busy time of year?  

Regardless, I'm LOVING the projects that have been linked up so far.  Have you seen them?  One of those ladies (and whoever else links up today) is going to win a cool prize package.  I highlighted the sponsor Peace, Love, Etsy the other day and today I want to show off another amazing, crafty sponsor.

Metal Stamped Memories has a great story.  Michaela's son went to heaven at 8 weeks old and her hand stamped necklace shop opened soon after.  Here's what she had to say about why: "I know as a mother who lost a baby that the hurt can be unbearable. The first thing I wanted to have as a memory of my son was a piece of jewelry to wear to feel as close to him as I possibly could. I hope that every mother who buys a memorial piece from me can feel the amount of love that goes into it. The pain will never go away, but the memories and the love last forever." 

I have suffered a similar loss - as I know many of you have.  I blogged about it here and here. After going through this time, a friend of mine bought me a ring with the birthstone of my baby that was now in heaven.  It meant the world to me.  To have something tangible to touch to remember my little one by.  So, I love that Michaela has a whole shop dedicated to remembering our babies.

But they don't have to just be necklaces to remember the ones we lost.  They can easily be used to celebrate the ones we have in our lives today!

I ordered one of these necklaces the other week for a friend.  It came in a sweet box ready to gift and the name was stamped really straight and neat.  The length of the necklace was great - not too short, not too long - and I just realized she has options to upgrade the ball chain for a snake or cable chain.  

Michaela is giving this necklace away to the winner of the Pinterest Challenge... customized with names you choose.

So go - enter the Challenge! 


  1. My project is coming tonight, I promise!! : ) I'm a SERIOUS procrastinator....

    And very sweet jewelry too!

  2. I was going to do a project--have all the materials bought. But I've been sick for the last two weeks! Please do it again in the future, so I'll have the push to finish it!


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