Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Cousin Miriam!

Little Bug here.  Saturday was my big cousin's birthday!  I asked my mom to make her something REALLY special.

So, she searched and searched for something Cousin Miriam would like.  I, of course, had to give the "ok".

Here are some things Mom has been DYING to make, but I just didn't think they were right for my cousin.

I told Mom that this would take too long, and while we LOVE our cousin Miriam, it was too much for her to take on while we move.

Mom, she's not a baby anymore!  You can't make her this!!

And she's probably not even allowed to touch an iron - even though her mom would enjoy the help!

This was a close winner, but I just wasn't sure if Cousin Miriam would like tools as much as I do.

So, we came up with this!
A crayon roll!  I love how each crayon has it's own little sleeping spot!

Mom found the easy tutorial here.

I sure hope she likes it.

Sorry that it is late, Cousin Miriam.  I kept telling Mom to get it in the mail, but she's having a hard time understanding my grunts and coos.  Guess I'll have to learn her language in order to communicate.

What should my first word be?



  1. Love the crayon roll! I got something like this for my niece for Christmas. It was a little bag (tote) with crayon holders on the outside and a little notepad on the inside. I added some stickers, and she loved it. I think your sewing talent is awesome Rebecca! It makes me want to sew. :)

  2. Thanks Rachel! You SHOULD start sewing! :) But be careful, it IS addicting.


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