Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hello Detroit!

We have officially arrived in Detroit, MI.  I think Little Bug did a great job blogging while Mommy was busy, don't you?

So, we are here.


In Detroit.

Hard to wrap my mind around.

This is the place I'm supposed to launch Better Life Bags.


This is BIG, and I'm having a hard time swallowing it all.

I'm completely scared, excited, nervous, overwhelmed, tired, lonely, and encouraged.  ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  How is that possible?

We went driving around the disadvantaged neighborhood we'd like to live in and employ people from.
I couldn't believe that I had forgotten my camera.  I really wanted to show you the area.

Next time.

For now, the Etsy Shop is open for business.  And I've already had 3 inquiries for custom bags!  You people were ready to order your bags!

In case you haven't clicked on "Fabric Options" at the top, here are the choices we have in stock.

As you can see, only half of our fabric order has made it to Detroit.  We are expecting more to come in soon.

Please have some fun and start designing your custom bag!!

OR, buy a gift certificate from the shop to give to your Mother for Mother's Day!

For now, here's my work space in the basement of the family we are staying with.

I'm working on a new custom bag style.  I will reveal it when the Better Life Bag Facebook Page reaches 250 "likes" (Facebook has changed it from "fans" to "likes").  So share the Fan Page with all your friends so I can reveal this new fun style!!


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