Thursday, April 29, 2010

Welcome to Hamtramck

This past weekend we spent a few hours in Hamtramck, MI - the city that we are hoping to settle in and help restore.  We also would like to hire some locals to work for Better Life Bags to help with the economy.

Many of the houses look like those above.  Many are vacant and/or fire damaged.  We are hoping to restore one of these to relieve some of the blight in the neighborhood.

Although, I did come across this beauty while driving around looking for houses for sale.  It's a new construction.  I'm guessing someone tore down an old house and built this in it's place.  Isn't she pretty??

Here are some of the demographics and facts about Hamtramck (for those interested... like my mom).
~ It is known as Michigan's most internationally diverse city.
~ The city has a total area of 2.1 square miles.  It is also the most densely populated city in Michigan.
~ There are 26 native languages spoken by the Hamtramck school children.
~ General Motors has a plant in Hamtramck that is currently manufacturing the new hybrid Volt.
~ Median income = $26,000

We will be living in a house owned by some friends of ours until June and will be storing our boxes in their garage.  This house had a fire a few years back and the family who bought it has done a lot of work to restore it.  They do not live there, but make the house available to anyone moving to Hamtramck with the goals of helping the community.
We cleaned and organized the garage last weekend to make room for our boxes coming next week.
(wait until you see what I did with that picture frame behind Little Bug - it's in the kitchen)!!!

It was super exciting to see all the potential furniture that could just use a little TLC!

This desk captured my attention - probably because it is adorned with my favorite color combo... grey and yellow!  Can't wait to restore this one!

And how fun would this be in some bright colors and new hardware?

I tell ya - this garage was a repurposers dream!! 

 And here was an old friend welcoming me with her open arms and presser foot.

Wecome to Hamtramck!

(and be on the lookout for all these furniture repurposing and decorating before and afters!!!)


  1. Thanks for such a great post and showing us the neighborhood! And those pieces of furniture are GREAT finds. I've been wanting to paint some furniture a really deep turquoise, but I think that's the last thing Joel wants to hear me say. :)

  2. Jaclyn - you read my mind with that deep turquoise! Can't wait to find the perfect piece to paint that color... I'm thinking the desk, maybe?


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