Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Can I brag on God real quick?!

 Since we decided to take our business full time with the hopes of bringing economic growth to the city of Hamtramck, MI, we have seen God move in BIG ways!

Part of taking the business full time means Neil and I will be living in this economical down-trodden urban neighborhood in order to reach out to our neighbors to bring them the hope of Jesus as well as help meet their physical needs.

Funny that as we made this move, it meant that we, ourselves, would have physical needs that would need to be met.  I am blown away more and more by how God provides for our every needs.

The business is not nearly at the point where it is making a profit for us to live off of.

But, at the same time, we really felt God telling us to make this move.

So we did.  And I will keep updating you on how He provides.  Because every time He uses one of His people to give to us financially, it should result in PRAISE TO HIM!!

We received this today - out of the blue.
The note reads:
"I woke up this morning with God whispering in my ear.  I hope this comes in handy."

Can you believe it?

This month, God has provided a full month's salary to live on - 
(yes, I just shouted that!)


  1. God's so cool like that!! Thanks for sharing your walk of faith with us. :)

  2. That is awesome Becky! I keep looking at your new wristlet...just to make a know that always takes me a while (haha) :)

  3. I realize this was back in 2010 but I just want to say that it is so good to be reminded of the goodness of God. We to can attest to the fact that he is our provider, I won't go into details but we have so much to be thankful for.. he has provided protected and shown himself faithful, even though we were not. How great is it that you knew that you knew you were doing what God asked you to do, even when it was not an easy thing to do, what a testimony to others and a reminder that we need to obey. Obedience is so important.


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