Thursday, May 13, 2010

New Kiva Loans!!!

I just love this part of our business.
I love that we get to give back to people far far away by giving 10% of every purchase to someone through Kiva.  Have you checked out Kiva, yet?

Here are the entrepreneurs we loaned to this week (thanks to your bag purchases)!

Meet Mona:
Mona is from Lebanon.
She is a 37-year-old woman and a mother of four children. Mona has been producing different types of thyme, olive and olive oil, dry yogurst, topping for Lebanese pizzas, lentils, and pickles since 1994.  She will use the money from Better Life Bags to purchase merchandise for her business.

Meet Emma:
 Emma lives in Armenia.
She is a widow with an 18-year-old son.  She is a hard worker and over the past 18 years has been involved with trading to make an income.  Her son is also going to college with an annual tuition at $115. (yes... you read that right).  She will use the loan from Better Life Bags to grow vegetables, maintain a few cows, and help her son finish school. 

I thought it would be fun to allow someone here to experience the thrill and excitement of picking out someone to give to on Kiva.
SO, I'm giving away a $25 KIVA gift certificate to someone on the Better Life Bags Kiva Team!

Here's how to enter (it's simple).
1. Visit the Better Life Bags Kiva Team Page (by clicking on that link).
2. Click "Join Now"

Easy, right?!
(If you're already part of the team, you're automatically entered!)
As a BLB team, we have already donated $650 to low income entrepreneurs in developing countries!!
(there is no pressure to loan anything once you become a part of the team, but if you do, I add your loan to the "BLB Kiva Loans" on our blog!)

The coolest part is that since this is a LOAN, they are repaying you your money.  In about 6-12 months, you will have your $25 back and you can choose what to do with it then.  You can reloan it to someone else OR keep it to buy a Better Life Bag ;).

On Friday, May 14th (tomorrow), I will pick someone on our Kiva Team to receive the $25 Kiva Gift Certificate.

So, go sign up!  And tell your friends!


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