Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Decorate the Kitchen - Part 2

Hope everyone had a WONDERFUL Mother's Day!

Little Bug took a 2 hour nap for my Mother's Day gift.  It was a great 1st Mother's Day as we explored a new restaurant and new shopping area in our new city!

The shop did pretty well for Mother's Day, too!
We sold SIX Gift Certificates for moms out there to design their own bag!
I hope you have fun, moms!!

In decorating news...
I only have a few weeks left to decorate this house we were so generously given to live in temporarily.

The kitchen has been my 1st priority.

Now, here's what I did above three of the doors.
 (Enter dark, dingy, and messy BEFORE picture)

And the AFTERS:

They really add more height to the room and liven up space that otherwise would be wasted!
Plus, I think it goes great with this country-chic look I have going on.

And the best part?  You can find the COOLEST baskets at thrift stores for less than $2 each!

All it took was one small nail to keep them up on the wall.

(by the way... aren't those door frames awesome?!  I LOVE old houses!!)


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