Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mod Podge Coat Hanger

Not that this is anything new, but I'm going to post it anyway.

I took an ugly old coat hanger...

and turned it into this!

Much better, right?

Here's how - if you're interested.

1. Take off the hooks and spray paint them white.
{Do not do this in the kitchen... even with your windows open.  
It will not be enough ventilation - trust me.}

2. Cut a piece of fabric long and wide enough to wrap around the board.  
And then spread Mod Podge on the entire board.

3. Wrap it around like a present, smooth out the fabric, and Mod Podge the ends down.

4. Mod Podge the entire board again and let it dry!

5. Screw the hooks back in the morning... 
it should be pretty easy to see (or feel for) the original holes.

6. And hang up your coats - just in time for winter!


  1. So cute! I love that we've all adopted the attitude that anything old and ugly can be updated and turned so cute! It makes life fun.

  2. very cute! i was wondering what kind of mod podge did you use, i went into the store to buy some and there were at least five diff kinds! i ended up not buying anything cuz i was so confused!

  3. Hi Rebecca - I love transforming old items into new! This coat hanger is right up my alley! Here is a creative transformation I recently completed:
    Please stop by for a visit!

  4. Barneyn - Mod Podge can be overwhelming, huh? I actually just used the "regular" Mod Podge in a matte finish. They have Mod Podge made for fabric that I have yet to try. The comment above you is from Mod Podge Amy - she has a GREAT blog all about Mod Podge :) Here's a post about the different formulas:

    Hope it helps!

  5. We Mod Podged some record album frames to make cute(r) square photo albums... covered the frames with scrapbook paper. I love Mod Podge!


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