Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Custom Orders for the Week

Sent my Jolly Postman off to the post office early this morning.

Here's what was inside those boxes:
This one had a special custom pocket.
Most of the Carla bags come with a simple slip pocket, but this customer chose to substitute a zippered inside pocket for $5.
Did you know you can do that on many of the bags?

Which one is YOUR favorite?
Of course, for each bag, there was a card like this to show who their BLB purchase went to help.

That is my favorite part.


  1. I LOVE that orange and black one! So so cute!

  2. Love the 5th one down with big leaves and bold colors! :-) This is so neat!

  3. you ARE so talented! i am a little envious right now he he he he he!


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