Monday, December 13, 2010

Family Day

Mondays are family days around here.
No work for dad.
No work for mom.
All play for baby.

We went to IKEA today because little Lady Bug still did not have a crib.

Little Bug LOVES to help Daddy put together things from IKEA.

And the IKEA instructions always crack us up.
They don't use any words in them - probably to save on printing costs since they are an international company.
So pictures are all we got.

To us, this says, if you have a small, chunky baby, keep the crib mattress high.
If you have a taller baby with lots of hair, lower the crib mattress.


  1. haha that's what it looks like to me too! We love Ikea! Almost our whole house is from there and I've put most of it together. Pain to put together sometimes but sure worth the price!

  2. Ha HA! Love the instructions. All of my babies did not get their crib until they were over 6 months... definitely closer to a year. Not because I think it's best. Not because we're dirt poor. Just cause it took us that long to get with the program and buy the crib (or the big bed for the kid who was/is currently claiming real estate on the crib so that the baby can move in.)

    Faith is 7 months old. She sleeps in the pack-n-play. This time around, we're waiting on buying a bunk bed so the two older ones can free up some bed space. (We ended up with three cribs - made into toddler or day beds for the older two.)

  3. IKEA is so wonderful! We live close to one now which makes me VERY happy :)

    And it DOES get complicated when you have two (or more) in cribs, doesn't it? We thought about moving Little Bug into a toddler bed when Lady Bug comes, but most people told us that 14 months was too young to transition him. So off to "cheap" IKEA we went!


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