Thursday, December 16, 2010

T-shirt Bibs FOR SALE

It has been my dream to help others with my business since starting Better Life Bags.
Right from the beginning I started donating 10% to a low income entreprenuer in a developing country through

When I found out that God was moving us to Detroit, MI, I knew that I was going to be able to take it a step further.
We purposefully moved to a downtrodden neighborhood in order to have an impact on our neighbors.
It was then that I dreamt about hiring women from my neighborhood who need a little extra income to work for me.

The time has come!!!

I just hired the first woman to make these adorable bibs out of thrifted t-shirts and button down shirts.

Her name is Nadia.
She has FOUR children.
Her husband works at the local gas station.
They moved here from Yemen 8 years ago.
She speaks great English, and I go to visit her often.

Her Yemeni culture discourages women working outside the home, so this is the perfect opportunity for her and her family!

I hope you'll join up with me in helping me provide a reasonable income for her.

All profits from the bibs are going to Nadia and her family.

And I hope that as your children wear them, you will think to pray for her.

Click here to read about and see all the bibs and how soft they are!
Bibs ship within 24 hours and there is no extra shipping cost when you buy more than one bib!


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