Monday, January 17, 2011

All my bags are packed... I'm ready to go -

But obviously Lady Bug is not ready to come out yet.
Each day that passes feels like a YEAR!

I'm so ready to be in labor.
Not sure what she's been waiting for.

Although, I am thankful because I did have 3 diaper bag orders come in around Christmas time.
And I just finished them.
Thankfully, the customers all said they could wait until the Christmas rush was over!

Here they are in all their glory - ready to be shipped out tomorrow!

Two of these bags were especially fun to make because they were for two of the 
original BLB customers!
The second diaper bag I ever made was for a good friend.
She ordered a new diaper bag in the convertible style.
(the one that can change from a messenger bag to a backpack)

Want to see some vintage BLB pictures?
Here is her original BLB and her new one!

I think she'll be really happy with the new style!

The next diaper bag I made was for my VERY FIRST PAYING customer!
She ordered the diaper bag on the left TWO years ago for her best friend,
and has just ordered another diaper bag for another preggo friend.

I'm pretty embarrassed as the quality of some of those first bags.
I've definitely come a long way in 2 years!
Even my pictures have improved!

In other news...
Little Bug and I have been nesting.

We've put away all the BLB fabric until the first week of March when we will reopen with a bang!

It was a lot of hard work.

There may or may not have been some fabric surfing going on.

I already have lots of fun planned for March when we reopen.
I'm SO excited!
AND... I already have a new bag style ready to showcase.
Planning on a few more before then, too.

Tomorrow starts our guest posters.
Some of them are guest posting for the
Leave them LOTS of comment LOVE, please!!!
{I feel like a teacher leaving instructions for her students to be nice to the subs.}


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