Thursday, January 13, 2011

Shadow Box Tutorial

I think by now many of you know how much I LOVE the "As Is" section at IKEA.
Mostly, how much I love the glass cabinet doors I can find there.
They make perfect frames for really cheap!

Remember these?

Both of those were done using glass cabinet doors found in the "As-Is" section at IKEA.
(I'm sorry for those of you who don't live near an IKEA.  I definitely feel your pain.)

Here is another one I completed yesterday for Lady Bug's room.

A shadow box to display her ultrasound pictures.

It was so simple to make.
Here's how I did it.

1. Tape string across the back of the glass.  I used Gorilla tape to make sure it would stay put!
And hang pictures from it using paper clips.
Although it looks like he was helping, Little Bug was actually destroying my work here :)

2. Tape your fabric (cut to fit) using Gorilla Tape.  Doesn't get much simpler, huh?

Since the glass is a small distance away from the fabric, it gives it that shadow box feel.

It's really bugging me that I got it slightly off center from her crib.  grrrr.

But, her room is finally coming together!
{better late than never, right?}

The chandelier is from IKEA, too.  I love that place!

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  1. I LOVE Lady Bug's shadow box! Oh my goodness, it's perfect for her room!


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