Thursday, January 27, 2011

Guest Post: Tiffany from Killing Time!

First off can I say how excited I am to be guest posting for the fabulous Rebecca here at Better Life Bags while she is enjoying that precious newborn time with Miss Lady Bug??? 
I am so happy for her even though I only know her through her wonderful blog!!

A little about me.. I'm Tiffany, a stay at home mom to 5 kiddos.
Yes, I said 5 kids!!  ... 4 boys and 1 girl!
Needless to say, I don't get much crafting time in.  I usually do that after the kids go to bed and usually end up staying up way too late trying to get

I have a little blog, Killing Time, where I show off some of my successes... I would love for you to have a look around and let me know what ya think! I'm pretty new to blogging so bare with me here, I'm still working on my tutorial writing skills...

When I learned I would be doing a guest post I was so excited.. 
Then I freaked out! 
What am I going to write about? 
What could I make? 
Would it be good enough? 
What could I do that hasn't been done before or at least a hundred times before so much better? 

So I decided to keep it simple. I was inspired by my daughter's Christmas present of earrings, she loves earrings but I usually find them scattered all over the house.
I made a simple earring holder display for her.

As I'm all about using what I have on hand and keeping it super cheap or free, this can be done with what you usually have laying around.

cardboard - styrofoam block could also be used
hot glue gun
fabric scraps
ribbons and other embellishments if desired

First off decide how big you want it and cut cardboard to size. The tray was actually a tube thing that was in the packing of a different gift, you could just make a tray with cardboard.

I figured mine needed to be 4 layers of normal cardboard so the earrings wouldn't poke through the pack. So I folded the flaps of those 2 pieces over and glued those down with a strip of glue on each edge. 

Just do the edge, we don't want glue between the cardboard for the main body of it, it would be too hard to push earrings into..

Then glue your two pieces together, remember just glue along the edges..
(This piece could be substituted with a styrofoam block)

Make your tray or in my case I just glued the flaps together on mine to form the tray.

And goodness I just realized how awful my nails look.. 
5 kids remember? 
Don't judge me..

Okay back to work..
Now on your scrap of fabric trace your main piece and cut out leaving a little extra to fold over the back.

Glue just along the edges.

And look how nice and smooth the front is..

Now cut and glue your scraps to cover the tray, this is the most time consuming part, I'm sure there has to be an easier way than what I did..

Cover the bottom and all sides except the back.

Now glob generously put some glue onto the back.

 Then place it onto the front of your main piece and press it firmly.

I glued on some tulle for a hanger, you can use ribbon if you want, I just didn't have any matching ribbon on hand.

Now you can embellish or decorate however you choose. I decided to add a bit of trim to the front of the tray for hoops and hook earrings..

I actually made this hanger a little too long so it leans some. I just gathered the tulle and re-pinned it a little lower to solve that problem.

Super easy and it can be decorated or personalized however you choose.

I hope you enjoyed my little project and will check me out over at Killing Time to see more of my midnight projects. 
Thank you for looking and Thank You so much Rebecca for having me!

It was my pleasure to have you, Tiffany!  I LOVE the genius idea of using lace to hang the hoop earrings from!  You are so creative!
~ Rebecca 

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