Monday, April 11, 2011

Ask for a Better Life Bag GIFT CERTIFICATE!

I'm excited to bring back the Better Life Bag Gift Certificates!

I introduced these to the shop last Mother's Day and they were big hits!
So, why not bring them back again?

I know many of you are drooling and wishing you had a Better Life Bag that YOU designed.

Why not ask for it for Mother's Day?!

I'm pretty positive that most husbands are a little scared of ETSY,
let alone the process of designing a bag.
let them buy you a gift certificate instead!

That way,
YOU can come back and design your own
on your own time!

And I'm going to make it SUPER easy for you to drop a "hint".
1. Head on over to my Facebook page where you will find a picture of a BLB Gift Certificate on the wall
2. Click "share" underneath the photo,
3. Choose "Send as message " in the bottom left corner of the pop up window,
4. and send this little "hint" on over to your hubby or kiddos!
{Of course, your hubby and/or kids need Facebook in order for this to work}


Maybe YOUR mom would like to design a bag of her own!
Think about getting a gift certificate for the Mother or Mother-figure in your life.

It's definitely not the normal picture frame or bouquet of flowers.


The GIFT of creativity!
The GIFT of creating your OWN bag!

For the next 24 hours, you can save 10% on any gift certificate.
Enter MOTHERSDAYRUSH at the checkout.
{code expires at 8:00am eastern tomorrow, April 12} 

{Gift certificates can be made in any dollar amount.  Email me for a special listing if you don't see the dollar amount you're looking for.}

Answers to FAQ's on Gift Certificates:
~ Gift Certificates are sent as a jpg over email.  Simply open the attachment and print off the certificate to gift to someone.
~ I can also email the gift certificate directly to the recipient if you provide me with her address.
~ Directions on how to redeem the certificate are listed clearly on the front.
~ Certificates expire after 1 year and are not redeemable for cash.
~ DOES apply to shipping cost, too.

Email me with any more questions you may have and I'll update this section.
I think you'll find the Gift Certificates fun and easy to use!

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  1. This is a great idea going to have to show this to the hubby. Thanks!


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