Tuesday, April 12, 2011

It's Tuesday...

I'm a little sad today.

Today is Tuesday.

Tuesday USED to be Party Tip Tuesday

I miss her.
Don't you?

To keep her memory alive,
I thought I would corral all her amazing party tips into

That way when we want to find a creative invitation idea,

or the tutorial on how to make tissue paper poms,

and the ribbon garland,

We can click on one simple button.

Do you see if over there in the side bar under "Mini Series"?
{If you're hanging out with me in Google Reader, you'll need to click on over to the blog to see it.}

I'm hoping to add a few more Mini Series!
Any ideas?
Want to do one yourself to promote your business or blog?
Have an area that you are an expert in and would like to teach us about?
I'm totally interested.


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