Monday, April 18, 2011

Design Your Own Picnic Package

Are you all excited about SPRING?!

It's starting to warm up around here, so to celebrate,
I put together this new ETSY listing.

A Picnic Package!!

When you purchase the "Design Your Own Picnic Package" listing, you receive:
- a Clara Lynn Market Tote
- Two large reusable snack/sandwich bags
- Two small reusable snack bags
all designed by YOU!

{that's FIVE Better Life Bags!}

The Clara Lynn is a GREAT size for packing all your picnic essentials.

And I can't get enough of those reusable snack bags.
We use them

Design your own picnic package so you can picnic in style.
(and save $8 on the price of all 6 bags purchased seperately)

Our Valentine's Day Picnic circa 2007.

Birthday Beach Picnic.  If only I had had a Better Life Bag instead of that Vera Bradley!

Picnics with our little ones are so much fun now!

Design Yours here!

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  1. This makes me so excited! Not only does it inspire me to go on a picnic (although I currently avoid wide open spaces with Thomas--the picnic might have to be in in our backyard!), but these are also two of the things I really want from your shop. So hopefully soon I will have time (and energy) to design my own!!


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