Tuesday, October 11, 2011

42 weeks of pregnancy prayers - now available!

I've worked long and hard on these.  And even had some of YOU help me edit them.  And finally, they are done!  The 42 Weeks of Pregnancy Prayers are up for sale here.

I hope that many of you will take advantage of the incredible gift these could be for you, your baby, or your pregnant friends and family.  Don't wait until the baby shower to give it to them - they will miss too many weeks of prayer.  Print them off as soon as you find out their little bundle of joy is coming.  What a precious gift.

This pack does cost a tiny penny.  And I thought seriously about whether or not to charge for them.  The prayers for your husband pack will always be free since I used someone else's prayer guide to create those.  But these pregnancy prayers came from the heart of me as a momma. 

And even though they cost about $.26/card, it's literally the gift that can be given over and over.  Purchase the prayer pack once and print out as many copies as you want - whenever you want!  {You will be able to download the cards to your computer within 24 hours of purchase} 

All I ask is that you do not forward the download links or prayer cards in ANY digital format (they cannot be shared through email).  The only proper (and legal) way to gift these cards is in print form.  And it's so easy to print!  Just take them to a Kodak picture maker and print them off as if they were regular photographs!  Display them in a photo book, wrap them up with ribbon, make a homemade flip book - the creative options are endless!

Here is one of my favorite pages from Week 25:

Every other card alternates between the pronouns "he" and "she".

I absolutely LOVE the concept of these.  Almost enough to get pregnant again - just to be able to pray through them as baby #3 develops.  ... ok, maybe not!  I'll just have some fun gifting them for awhile!

Read some reviews, more details, and get yours here.  Thank you for supporting Better Life. 

And yes, proceeds from these cards also benefit low income entrepreneurs in developing countries... just like every Better Life Bag.

P.S. The Better Life Bag I'm working on today is:
The Emily


  1. So, so exciting. Hopefully, I will get to use them in the future.

  2. I just ordered mine! I'm 17 weeks pregnant and really look forward to using these for the rest of my pregnancy. Thank you so much - Blessings to you!


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