Tuesday, October 18, 2011

it was a typical monday morning

Monday mornings usually aren't that crazy for me.  At least not any more than usual.  I remember dreading Monday mornings when I taught 5th grade.  There was a whole dread around the word from everyone at school.  

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Not anymore.  Monday mornings are exactly like every other morning in my household.  JoJo wakes up aroud 4am wanting his feet covered up.  And then again at 4:15, 4:30, 4:45... until one of us just decides to go sleep on his floor so we all can get some sleep.  That was me yesterday morning.  I took the baby monitor in with me so I could hear when Little Ditty woke up for her early morning snack. 

That happened at 6am.  I snuck out of JoJo's room - avoiding the creaky parts of the floor.  {Funny how we learn the floorboards so well as mommas, huh?!}  Fed Ditty and then realized that this little peanut was NOT GOING BACK TO SLEEP.  She cooed and smiled and blew some adorable bubbles until I gave up trying to rock her and pulled out a few fun toys for her while I snuggled under the quilt on our couch to watch the news.

Still not a totally horrible day, though, right?  In fact, Monday's happen to be a favorite around here.  It's our weekly playdate with this handsome fellow.  We shall call him "Best Friend" on this blog since I have feeling he will be appearing more and more.  Today we were venturing out with all three kids to some thrift stores.  I was excited.

The morning progressed like normal.  JoJo refused every breakfast option I gave him except "cookies" (aka Graham Crackers) and milk.  I attempted to read a few chapters of Psalms while Jo spent some quality time with Dora the Explorer and Ditty practiced picking up cheerios off her plate.

Fast forward to 15 minutes before Best Friend comes over to pick us up for our thrifting adventure.  Both kids are dressed, clean, and happy.  I decide that I might actually get to do my makeup today!  So I venture off to the bathroom - confident that both kids are ready to go as soon as it's time.

A few minutes later this boy comes into the bathroom with white streaks in his hair.

See them?  Desitin. I knew it right away - mostly because of the smell.  How did he get Desitin in his hair?!  It's not like him to do something like that.  And then it hit me - DITTY.

Sure enough, I rush out the bathroom to find this little peanut.

Not only was her face, hands, and entire outfit covered in the white, creamy stuff - but she had crawled around the entire living room making cute little track marks behind her.  Luckily, I keep my camera handy so I can capture moments like this.  And this Monday morning was no different.  Maybe just a little more fun for a certain little someone than most Mondays.  :)


ps - did you see this post from Ashlee (our Recipe Pinhead)?!  This pizza braid looks SO delicious.  And she made it with a pizza kit from Fast Easy Bread (one of the sponsors for the Pinterest Challenge Recipe category)!  I'm seriously going to order this Pizza kit today.  It makes 40 batches of pizza dough for only $26.95.  That's cheaper than the Kroger pizza crust packets I buy. 


  1. LOL... my son had a desitin painting experience when he was 3. He decided to redecorate his room during naptime and "painted" his unfinished wood dresser with the stuff! Never did get it completely off... lol. I love the pics you took... precious ;-)


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