Wednesday, October 19, 2011

pinterest inspired project: wrap shirt

Has anyone seen this pin floating around Pinterest? 

She provided a pattern and everything for a precious little warp-around shirt.  I KNEW I had to make it for Ditty before the weather turned cold and all those sweet little dresses would be put away forever.  

 So I used a vintage bed sheet I found at a rummage sale for $.50 and a too big pair of khakis and went to town.

Here is the result of Ditty's new reversible shirt:

But I think it looks much sweeter on this little peanut, don't you?

Luckily I got this shirt done before our last heat wave in Michigan.  Who would ever guess that one side is a bed sheet and the other are my old khaki pants?!  Oh how I love repurposing!

Pinterest Challenge link up starts in 2 days... are you ready?!


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