Monday, November 21, 2011

4 generations of quilters. will it be 5?

So far, every woman in my family has been a seamstress.  My Great Grandma made the quilt I've been using in the backgrounds of "Watch Ditty Grow".  She actually either made the quilt with me in mind or Ditty!  There was a note pinned to the quilt that said, "For Marian's Great Daughter"

Now stick with me here:  Marian is MY grandma.  So my great grandma {Marian's mother} either meant it for me {her GRANDdaughter} or Ditty {her GREAT Granddaughter}.  The note is unclear.

Either way, it's in my possession and I'm SO happy about it.  I love that the stitching is all hand sewn.  I can't imagine how long that took.

The quilt beneath it was made by my Grandma.  She was an amazing quilter and gifted me this one on my wedding day.  I will also treasure this one forever.

My mom ALSO quilts and made Ditty a colorful quilt at my request.  All three of these quilts are going to be handed down to Ditty when she leaves my house.  There are stories behind each one.  And beautiful hands.
Speaking of generations... I have been lucky enough to grab 4 generation pictures for both JoJo and Ditty.

Here is the male 4 generation shot:

And the female version.  The "seamstresses"...

I suppose I'm going to have to try my hand a quilt to add to the collection, too.  And then, of course, will teach Ditty everything I know about sewing so she can add hers to the family quilt collection!  I just love family history heirlooms. 

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  1. I meant to comment on this when I read before, but got sidetracked. I love that you have been able to get the generation shots with your little one! I have a couple of them with mine and I love them so much!


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