Wednesday, December 7, 2011

5 minute christmas tree skirt {diy}

For the last few years, my Christmas Tree has been naked.  While it has been adorned with lights and ornaments, it's been missing a SKIRT!  I've gone looking a few times hoping to purchase one, but they are so darn expensive!  And the ones I fall in love with aren't there at the after Christmas sales.

So, I had to do it myself.  But, isn't that so much more fun?!

I took an oval table cloth that I found at the local thrift store and turned it into a tree skirt in less than 5 minutes!

Remember this picture post from the BLB Facebook wall?  Here is what I used from my awesome thrift store finds last week!

Find an oval or circle table cloth so the edges are already hemmed for you!  Fold it in half.

Then in half again.

Take a CD or something circular you can trace and make a small circle to cut out on the corner.

Open it up and hem the raw edges (if you want to - it's fine to leave it open since most tree skirt openings are not seen).

Wrap it around your tree and admire it.  I love that it is white and that it bunches around the tree.  It reminds me of snow!

But, I also happened to find a sweet lace tree skirt during my adventures at the thrift store (see picture up top).  While I LOVE that it looks like a ginormous doily, it was a little too small for my big tree.  But it sure does look lovely layered on top of my homemade one!

A little embellishment from a sweater I found while searching for one of those "ugly Christmas sweaters", and I was done!

Not bad, right?  And much cheaper than the ones Target sells!

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  1. lovely!! you are very clever....I am the worlds worst DIY/Crafting type of person but I think I might have to go to the Croix Rouge charity shop this weekend and see if I can find something to try this with as I think even I might be able to mange this project!

  2. That is just beautiful!! My DIL and I are going out today and I can't wait to see what we find.
    Merry Christmas to you and your sweet family!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this! I have been looking for tree skirts and they are so expensive and not even very cute. Thanks for sharing:) Following you now!

  4. Welcome Faith! I KNOW! Aren't Christmas Tree skirts outrageously priced?!

  5. I am no longer calling you Rebecca. Instead, you are Mrs. Crafty


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