Monday, December 19, 2011

when a homeless man sleeps in your garage

I've been wanting to write this post for awhile.  Have started it multiple times and never finished.  We'll see how today goes.

A few months ago we had a homeless man sleeping in our garage.  Yes, you read that right.  A homeless man took up camp in our garage.

We invited him to stay.  Crazy?  Probably.  But we really felt like we had to be Jesus to this guy.  He stayed for 10 days before we took him to a rehab home, after he stole our bikes and $10.  I don't hate him for that.  My heart hurts for him and the addictions that he has.  I only wish we could've done more for him.

I did fear for my family's safety while he was resting his head on an air mattress in place of our CRV.  I made sure Neil double and triple checked the locks on the doors before going to bed.

And now, sometimes the thought of him coming back to our doorstep scares me a little.

But, thankfully, I'd handed over the safety of my family to God a long time ago.

Ever since our guest, my heart has been softer toward the people I see on the off-ramps of our highways.  Even more now that it's cold outside.

Today, an amazing opportunity dropped in our laps.  We were on our way to Bible Study (of all places) when we saw him: "Randy".  It's his normal corner on the off-ramp to Ford Road.  We drove by him and I noticed Jonah looking at him.  My mouth started to speak before my head could think twice.

"That man doesn't have anywhere to sleep, JoJo.  And no food to eat.  Should we pray for him?"

"uh huh"

Neil goes one step further - "Let's give him something to eat!"

"We don't have anything to give him," I exclaimed, but my Jesus-like husband pulled out his wallet and turned the car around.

JoJo watched the entire time as his Daddy became the hands and feet of Jesus.

Neil got back in the car and asked Jonah if he wanted to pray for Randy.

"God - thank you for Randy.  Peese help him," he said in his choppy toddler voice.

Tears welled up in my husband's eyes and we both realized the huge responsibility we have to teach our son {to model to our son} the heights and the depths that Jesus went to in order to love people.

We were a few minutes late to Bible Study, but I think Jesus was ok with that.

{comments are disabled on this post.  I don't want any praise.  If you feel the need to write a comment, you can email me.  But I'd prefer you just praise Jesus instead.  He deserves it.  Or go be Jesus' hands and feet to the next person you see on the corner.  It's not really our money anyway.)

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