Friday, December 9, 2011

did you know you can print on fabric? {a "giftaway"}

I was inspired by this post by AshleyAnn a few weeks ago.  And decided to tweak it a little to make it my own.  She used a vintage tea towel and sewed lace on hers.  Mine involved NO sewing and less than 10 minutes!  Plus - I tried something REALLY fun:  printing a picture on fabric!

Here is what you need to replicate the above image:

Here's how:

Open the pillowcase and lay the hankie on top in the position you want it to be.  Then cut off the extra pillowcase material at the top (about an inch above where the hankie is).  Don't throw it away - we'll use it to print our image on!

Fold the top part of the pillowcase and hankie over and clip with your wooden hanger.

Now to make our print on the pillowcase material.  Make sure you are using a light colored fabric and tape it around a piece of cardstock.  Make it tight so you can trick your printer into thinking it's all a part of the cardstock!

Send it through your printer with fingers crossed and eyes closed.  (try this at your own risk... I can't afford to replace all the printers this could break.)  If you want a safe option, search for Canvas Paper online and buy a pack.  You won't get the soft feel of fabric, but you will get the textured look of canvas.

I printed my image about 7x9, but you should be safe with an 8x10 size.  

Then trimmed the sides of the printed fabric, folded it over the other two fabric pieces, pinned it in place in back with a straight pin, and hung it out to display!

I love that it looks like my kids are watching for Santa out their window.

Want to win some supplies to make your own?  I'm "gifting away" a lace trimmed pillowcase, red hankie, and wooden hanger to a Better Life Reader!  It could be you!  Go to the Better Life Bag Facebook page, find the image below and comment on it to win!  Good luck! 

Gift-away winner announced on Monday, December 12th.  Giveaway closed.
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  1. Such a cute idea; however, I couldn't figure out to get my printer to print on card sock last week. Looks like I need to do some user manual reading!!!

  2. Now I am REALLY hating that I deleted my facebook account. But I still won't sign back on. It is evil and people are mean on there.


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