Sunday, January 1, 2012

5 things i'm loving right now

I love this new link party idea over at Chesterrific:  5 Things I'm Loving Right Now.  It's a chance to document the here and now.  I think I'll take a little different spin on it and document the 5 things I'm loving about my kids right now {so I can have this as documentation for later}

1. Music Time
One day, JoJo just decided that we all should have "music time".  Ditty loves blowing her whistle now that she figured out how to do it!

2. Dare Devil Ditty
Ditty has the heart of an adventurer.  She loves to climb on anything and everything.  I often look back to see her on top of the child size table, or balancing herself on her brother's ride-on airplane.  She has no fear.

And she loves anything with a thrill.

You'd never guess it just by looking at her!

3. Imaginative Play
JoJo has really stepped it up in imaginative play.  His favorite "game" is "Dinosaur {or dragon} is coming!"  He often plays the role of the fireman and swoops in to save Mommy or Ditty.  If he comes up to me as says, "What's wrong, Mommy?" - I know he wants me to say, "Oh no!  There's a dragon!"
The other day, he was playing "Santa".  He rode around on his airplane with these sunglasses on, pushing a wagon in front of him saying, "ho, ho, ho!  Merry Christmas!"

His toys go on such magical adventures around the house!  I'd love to be one of JoJo's toys.  His favorite toys right now are Super Duck (a duck with a cape on), his train set, and his firehouse.

4. Her snuggles after nap
While she is STILL not sleeping through the night, she takes a good nap during the day.  When she wakes up, and if Daddy is around, she'll snuggle into his chest for a few minutes.  Just Daddy, though.  So precious.

5. His comments
This kid is full of funny {and sweet} sayings.  Here is a rundown of my favorite this month {via my Facebook Status updates}.

Scene: Reading Jonah his "Goodnight Construction Site" book that Uncle Tyler got him for Christmas.
Jonah: "Waz dat?"
Mommy: "That's an excavator!"
Jonah: "is an esssssecccc... {pause} it's a tractor!"

Jonah is apparently disappointed that there are child labor laws. Today he said "Help I need to go to work!"

"Dora is beautiful!" ~ Jonah

Scene: Jonah is saying goodbye.
Neil - "Say see ya later alligator."
Jonah - "See ya late {pause} ... you're not an alligator - you're mommy! Bye Bye Mommy!"
Jonah to Neil - "Mommy's NOT an alligator!"

I quickly changed into my sweats and a green t-shirt when we got home. I walk out and Jonah stops in his tracks, put his hand on my shirt and says, "Mommy - your shirt is BUTIFUL!" (guess he likes the color green).

Jonah has started to become afraid of things (dinosaurs, monsters, dragons), so we've been showing him how to rebuke things in Jesus' name! "Go away monster, in JESUS NAME!"
Tonight I was explaining to him that we say that because Jesus is powerful. And he responds with "Super Why is powerful!" Oh dear... lots of training left to go. :) 

Jonah: "merry Christmas!!!! I'm Santa! Ho ho ho! I got you a present, daddy!".
He looks around...
"hey, I need reindeer!"

Jonah has already figured it out. I pointed to a Christmas decoration and said "who is this? is it Santa" He said "Yeeaah... Dad is Santa" Hopefully he doesn't ruin it for to many other kids ;)

It's snowing outside and Jonah's first reaction is, "Is Santa out there?!"

Mommy: "Jonah, who is this?"
Jonah: "It's Mommy! PRINCESS Mommy!"


  1. Rebecca, I loved this!!! I will be linking up too! It is really a great way to document moments and memories
    So cute!!

  2. I don't understand the idea of a link party. Do you have to have a blog?

  3. @Beverly Hudalla
    Yep, I'm pretty sure you have to have a blog to link up to most link parties. You need a URL to enter into them.

    The only one you don't HAVE to have a blog for is our Pinterest challenges (starting tomorrow). You can email your pictures and a description of your project to me and I'll make a blog post for you so you can have a URL to link with.

    But, I think you should probably just start a blog, Bev!

  4. LOVE these Rebecca... i love how you chronicle your life with those adorable kids!!!

  5. Thank you for joining my linky party! I love how you documented 5 things you're loving now - kid related! Great idea!!

    Your babies are beautiful! I seriously LOL'd when I read "Dorah is beautiful", haha!

    Happy New Year!

  6. Me again - just cruised around your blog and read a few recent posts, love it all! :)

  7. Stopping by from Maegan's blog! :) LOVE your link up post- your kids are too cute!

  8. Lovely post- PRINCESS Mommy! Thanks for starting the year off with a smile!


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