Tuesday, May 8, 2012

My Pinterest Project and an ER Visit

Well, my Pinterest Challenge piece was SUPPOSED to go up yesterday afternoon.  I was putting the final touches on it as my husband and son wrestled in a nearby room when I heard a scream.  Not TOO unusual and I usually don't worry... until I heard my husband's reaction.

Uh oh, he said.  And we spent the rest of the day in the Emergency Room.  Charming nurses and entertaining patients.  More details to come later this week on the blog.  Important thing is - everyone is ok.

So forgive me for being a day late in posting my project.  Hopefully you were able to check out all the other Pinhead's projects as well as our Guest Pinhead amazing wall art using Christmas lights and canvas.  Beautiful.

For this round of the Challenge, I wanted to involve my children.  It was a particularly cranky day and I was in desperate need of a fun, cool, TIME CONSUMING activity that would be quick to make.  I remembered pinning something called "Moon Sand" awhile back that had two simple ingredients.  Flour and Baby Oil.

I had both!

So we went to town...

The ingredients were simple:  4 cups of flour and 1/2 baby oil.  Mixed together to create this amazingly smooth play-dough like substance that held it's shape easily {and smelled like a fresh, clean baby}.

Felt Headband by our Pinterest Challenge Sponsor KIS Creationz!

I tried to mix food coloring in with it - to no avail.  Don't try it.  But the kids had fun anyway - especially when I introduced the straws.

It was a blissful 25 minutes of entertainment for the kids {with only minor quarrels} and a great photo-op for me!  {Sometimes, when we are having a bad day, I just pull the camera out and hide behind the lens.  It seriously helps.}

Thanks Moon Sand and whoever was the original inventor of you!

Don't forget to link up any of your Pinterest inspired projects!  You have until Sunday at midnight.  The winner will be announced on Tuesday!  Check out the Pinterest Challenge blog to see the prize package!


  1. I'm glad to hear Jonah is okay! And the moon sound looks and sounds fun!

  2. This is one of my biggest fears when I hear my husband rolling around in the floor with my 3 year old. Yikes! I'm so glad everyone is okay!

    This moon sand sounds like a lot of fun. I think both of my boys would love it!

  3. Poor Jonah!! I'm thankful that he is okay.

  4. I'm sorry if I missed this, but by 1/2 baby oil did you mean 2 cups?

    1. Hi Carla. I just used 1/2 cup. If that doesn't seem enough to you, you could add a little more at a time. After mixing for awhile, though - it really seemed to soak it all up without being too greasy. Hope that helps!

    2. Thank you, that helps a lot. What a mess I would've had with 2 cups...lol!


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