Saturday, May 12, 2012

Not a Happy Mother's Day for Everyone... {Alice Hansen Family Fund}

It is Mother's Day tomorrow and I can't help but be reminded of the pain that this day brings to many.  Especially reminded of it this year.

Last week, my friend Heidi and her family went through something so painful and unimaginable that my mind and heart are still at war about it.  Her beautiful sister in law Alice gave birth to a sweet baby girl after having two rambunctious boys at home.  A few days later, she (the mom) died of an infection.

I literally cannot stop thinking about her.  I cannot stop thinking about the massive life changes that are going on in that family.  A husband - without his wife.  A dad - left to raise three kids alone... including a newborn.  A baby girl - who will never know her mother.  And two boys who will barely remember her.

How is this fair?  What is God's purpose in doing this?  Why so much pain?

I'm not here with answers.  I don't have any.  My heart wrenches and twists when I think about those sweet kids without their mama.  What do you say when the boys start asking where she is?  How do you respond to the newborn cries of hunger - knowing that Alice should be going through the excruciating first weeks of breastfeeding and bonding.

How do you marry God's faithfulness and goodness with these tragedies?

The blogging community has amazed me with their generosity.  Heidi has a donation button up on her page that I know many have contributed to - to help with the hospital bills and funeral costs.  And Expressions Vinyl has promised to donate $1 for every like on this post (up to $3,000) to give to Alice's family.  Please take a few seconds to click the link and hit "like".  So simple.

Visit Heidi's page for more details and pictures of this beautiful angel.

May I suggest that you just hug your little ones and spouses a little tighter today?  Maybe turn off the computer and shut down your phone for some uninterrupted time together?  Life is so short - and so precious.  We are not guaranteed any more time together than this moment.  Cherish it.



  1. Rebecca,
    This too has overwhelmed my heart and consumed my thoughts. We have been praying for this sweet family in such a tragic, tragic time.
    This is one of those questions that top your list when you get to Heaven.

  2. Rebecca,
    Thank you for posting the link. It looks like it has been well received.


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