Friday, May 18, 2012

Felt Alphabet Magnets {Tutorial}

I saw it first here.  And have been obsessed about them ever since.  I just knew that my children would learn their alphabet as soon as I made them!

So, make them I did.  And after 15 hours (YES - 15 hours - 2 car trips), they are finally done.

All 26 letters.

And I love them as much as I thought I would.

They were super simple to make, but if you don't have two seriously long car rides to spare, I might suggest just buying them on ETSY from some sellers who specialize in making them.  That is, unless you don't value your time - or just have extra to spare!

Making them consisted of printing out large, bold letters in the font of my choice on cardstock.

Cut around each letter and then cut the letter out twice in felt using my favorite sharp scissors.

Using a blanket stitch, stitch around both layers of each letter... stuffing with poly-fil as you go.  {I found using the sharp end of scissors helped to get the poly-fil in there tight.  And if you have a letter like "o" with an area in the middle - blanket stitch around the inside first.}.

Want to see a blanket stitch in action?  Watch this {and click over to the blog to watch if you are in email or a Reader}:

Apply a magnet with super glue to the back.

Attach to your fridge and watch as your kids magically learn all of their letters!  Of course they will learn them all - because I made them!

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  1. I like that you made them in lowercase--very cute!
    --Gena at

    1. Thanks Gena! I originally wanted to make both lower and upper case, but will need to wait for another 15 hour car ride :)

  2. This tutorial is very timely because start of the school is almost there. It is very easy to do and we can choose different color to make good in the eye of the kids.

  3. Love these! You did an awesome job! I've been wanting some since I seen them on Young House Love's blog =)

    Visiting from Flamingo Toes!


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