Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The New Addition to our Family...

On Monday, we took Little Bug on his first train ride with Amtrak.
(Did you even know they still HAD trains?!?!)

(by the way - THAT'S my new diaper bag.  It's in the final production stages and will be for sale soon.  It's convertible from a shoulder bag to a messenger bag to a backpack!  The backpack mode was super helpful while walking in Chicago.)

It was the best way to travel!  We actually made it from Detroit to Chicago relying solely on Public Transportation.  My brother reminded me how "earth friendly" that was for us.

I wish we could say that was our motivation for traveling like that, but really, we just wanted to be able to relax the whole weekend (including the travel time).  Little Bug didn't have to be in his car seat, and Mr. Bug didn't have to drive!

Our real reason for going to Chicago was to pick up this new addition to our lives.

Yes, that's a helmet.

Yes, Little Bug has a flat spot on his head from sleeping on the same side of it every night.

Yes, we tried to get him to sleep in different positions.  Failed.

So, now to correct the problem, he has a white helmet.

We gave him some Starbucks to help lessen the blow.
Starbucks can fix anything!
(no, of course, he didn't really drink any - but he did have fun playing with the cup)

He has to wear his helmet 23 hours a day.
Let's just say we are still getting used to sleeping in it.
And mommy is still getting used to kissing his chubby cheeks around a helmet.

BUT, I still think he looks adorable.

The good thing is, it hardly phases him when he falls now!
He fell backwards onto hardwood twice today and didn't so much as whine.

Good helmet.
We might just keep you around.


  1. he DEF still looks ADORABLE. hope that lil' helmet does it's job and fixes that fast!!!!!

  2. That is so cool. Amazing what they can do now.


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