Friday, September 3, 2010

My Handy Husband AND New(er) Kitchen!

So, this week has been SO BUSY as we have been frantically finishing some house projects before my parents came to visit!
Anyone else feel like you have to brush up on your home/life before your parents come?!

Our kitchen has been the sore spot of our home.
It has pinkish tiled walls that are falling off in random places...
Black PLASTIC baseboards that are glued to the wall...
and Peeling paint on the walls and ceiling...

BUT there are some things I LOVE about it!
It is HUGE...
The stove is GAS...
and there is so much potential!

I'd like to introduce you to the newest addition to our kitchen:
(Please ignore the trash that needs to be taken out, the kid's tie laying on the ground, and all the tupperware that was pulled out of the cupboard... wonder who did that?!)

The kitchen has mucho space and I had been looking all over Craiglist for an affordable island with places to sit.
Lucky me, I found one in RED - my favorite kitchen color - for $100!
Paired with $50 stools from Walmart, 
$6 table runner and towels from IKEA,
$5 flowers from the local Saturday market,
and a $25 pendant lamp from Home Depot.

This is turning into my dream kitchen.

And I couldn't have done it without my hubby!

He is SO handy and installed this beauty in less than 45 minutes!

She adds so much character to the room!

I can't wait to cover that wall tile with bead board and slap some paint around the top of the kitchen!!


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