Saturday, September 25, 2010

Scrap Happy Saturday #1!

Welcome to the FIRST edition of Scrap Happy Saturday!

I'm so excited to see all the projects you do with YOUR scraps, so I can use up some more of mine, too!

Here's my project from this week.

Banners are SO popular now-a-days and I wanted to start with a really simple project to use up LOTS of scraps.  You can make your banner has long or as short as you'd like!

Here's how to make a banner that will make it through the windy fall weather!

1. Pick out the scraps that you are going to use.
I wanted mine to fit on the outside of my door, so I only chose 6 fabrics.
2. Make a banner template in any shape you want!  I chose a traditional triangle pendant, but I've also made a rectangle banner that looks great, too.
To make my template sturdy and symmetrical, I folded CARD STOCK in half and drew half of my triangle.

This is what it looks like after I cut along the bold line.
3. Lay your banner template on top of your fabric scraps and cut LOOSELY around each one.

4. After you have cut loosely around each pendant, iron the pieces onto a thin, stiff interfacing piece.
This will help to weight the banner down so it doesn't flap so easily in the wind.
If you are planning on using your banner indoors, you can skip this step.
It might be easier to cut rectangles (if you can) like the brown polka dot fabric instead of loosely cutting around each pendant first and then trying to iron onto the interfacing.
5.  Pin your pendant template onto your scrap and cut around it with pinking shears.
This will help to keep the banner from fraying.

Now is a good time to lay out your pieces in the order you'd like them.
6.  Iron the top of each pendant back about 1".

7. Use the pinking shears to cut off the excess tabs on each side.

8. Using twine (or string of any kind), line your first pendant up.
Be sure to leave a good amount of twine to use to hang your banner up with.

9. Sew back and forth over the twine on each side of the banner to keep it in place.

10. Line the next pendant up next to the first and sew it again.
Repeat with each pendant and then trim your thread.

11. Hang up your banner and enjoy the nice fall touch it adds to your porch!

Remember that we purposely are living in a blighted neighborhood with vacant homes scattered through our town.  Yes, sometimes we think we're crazy, too!  You can read why we decided to do this here, but I wanted to share a cool story that happened the other day.
We had our windows open and my husband was sitting close by.  Two people walked by our house, stopped in front, and said,
"That house used to look like crap!  I wonder what they did..."
The second person said,
"I think they weeded and put out some flowers.  Looks nice."

Just goes to show what 30 minutes and $10 can do for the overall appearance of a neighborhood.

Now, link up a blog post of what you have done with YOUR scraps!  Can't wait to see them!
The link party will be open until 11:59pm next Friday and then we'll start over again!


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