Monday, February 21, 2011

Ann Voskamp's Multitude Mondays

Watch this.

Then join me as I jump on the bandwagon and



Here is my attempt at reaching 1000 moments.
1000 gifts.
1000 ways He loves.

1. warm, clammy arms from her sleeping newborn body

2. fresh out of womb smells on her head

3. feather-soft baby skin beneath my lips

4. music that ignites my heart

5. tears over the phone has weakness is revealed by a friend and Strength is called upon.

6. his sweet vocals exclaiming "dooooog!"

7. bright blue eyes flashing behind slow eyelash-covered blinks

8. the way he holds his sippy cup

9. and how he claps for a job well done

10. just woken up cuddles on the couch

11. a chubby finger pointed to the closed door when he hears her awake

12. dance party in the kitchen

13. the way he dances: right foot stomping, hands clapping, big smile on his face, & "dee, dee, dee" exuding his lips

14. warmer weather after a cold winter

15. attics to escape to in order to hear God

16. the rainbow-like way our diapers fell out of the dryer.

17. little boy hands sweeping hair over my eyes playfully

18. cuddling on the couch in between fits of giggles

19. swaddled newborn's heaviness leaning on my chest

20. the sweet sigh from a full little tummy

21. release of gas, relaxing in peace

22. Dove chocolates... by myself 

23. cold ice water running down my throat.


  1. Love this post. Love this video. Love this book - halfway through. Started my own 1000 (ad infinitum) Gifts Journal yesterday. Lord, change me.

  2. Thank you very much. I think I will join the bandwagon too...hope you don't mind.

  3. I LOVE the all in one reusable cloth diapers. Do you make those too?


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