Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Party Tip Tuesday with A Darling Day! {Invitations}

In a time where we create events on facebook and send e-vites, it is easy to overlook the importance of the invitation. Although these digital alternatives are easy (and free!), by definition they are impersonal. They aren’t special.

The purpose of an invitation is to set the stage for the party. It is your guest’s first impression of the event they will be attending. You don’t want your invitation to blend in with all your guest’s other facebook invitations. Right?

Since you have already decided on the theme of your party (view last week’s post here), creating your invitation should be easy (remember, a theme makes it easier to make decisions about the rest of the party). 

There are two ways to get the perfect invitations for your party: order them from a designer or make them yourself. If you feel more comfortable ordering invitations from a professional, you can find some great options on Etsy or Supermarket or Wedzu. And you can always order some custom invitations from A Darling Day!

For those of you wanting to make the invitations yourself, try to think outside the box. An invitation doesn’t have to be a piece of paper… 

~ For a nautical themed party, send the invitation in a corked bottle. 
~ For a masquerade/carnival themed party, send the invitation tied to a feathered mask. 
~ For a baby shower, send the invitation in a baby bottle. 
~ For a Vegas themed party, glue the party info to the back of a playing card. 
~ For a travel themed party, purchase some vintage postcards from an antique store and write info about the event on the back. 
~ For a rustic themed party, paint a thin piece of wood with blackboard paint and write the invite out in chalk. 

Think about all aspects of your theme, and a creative idea for an invitation will surely come to you.

There are also ways to dress up a 2-dimensional invitation

~ Buy a paper punch from a craft supply store in a shape fitting to your theme… a flower for a spring or garden party, a cupcake for a dessert reception, a rattle for a baby shower. Paper punches are great because you can punch the invitation directly or punch out the design in contrasting paper and glue to the invitation.

~ You can also cut shapes out of fabric or felt and glue or sew them onto the invitation (I am sure Rebecca would vote for sewing!).
~ Or purchase an appliqué to glue or sew.
~ Or some cute ribbon!

Remember, whenever you are affixing fabric details to paper, use a spray adhesive (in a well-ventilated area).

Try using a hole punch to make small holes around the border of your invitation. Lace twine or raffia through the holes and tie into a pretty bow.

I hope this has helped give you some ideas for creative invitations! Whether you make them yourself or order them from a professional, don’t skimp the invitation. Sending out invitations will help set the tone of your party and make your guests feel special!

I’ll see you back here next week for another party tip. In the meantime, follow me at my blog or on facebook for more darling ideas!


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