Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Party Tip Tuesday with A Darling Day! {Getting Your "Party Space" Party Ready}

Hello again and Happy Tuesday! 

Today’s ‘Party Tip’ is an easy one, but it is very important.
If you plan to host the party at your home, you need to determine the ‘party space’, the area where the majority of your party will take place.
Is it your backyard?
Your kitchen and dining room?
Your living room?

If you are hosting the party at your home, you may need to clear out the ‘party space’.
Consider moving picture frames, knick knacks and furniture into another area of your home.
Creating an open, clear space will make it easier for guests to navigate your party (and simpler if you need to bring in additional seating). Plus, when you start with a blank palette (void of your usual decor and knick knacks), it will be easier to decorate the space and make your theme the central focus.

Once your ‘party space’ is cleared of furniture and whatnots, do a thorough cleaning. Yes, cleaning (and remember to clean the bathroom your guests will be using).

It may be tempting to skip these steps, but they are important. Once your space is cleared and clean, you are ready to set up for the party!

Today, I also wanted to share with you some information on how to set a table. It is a simple thing, but not something that many of us are ever taught. Until recently, the extent of my knowledge of the place setting came from what I learned in Pretty Woman :) .  Although I don’t put a lot of stock in the “proper” way to do things, I do think it is important to know which side of the plate to put the water glass. So, here is a diagram of a formal place setting:
a. salad plate
b. bread plate (and bread knife)
c. salad fork
d. dinner fork
e. napkin (can also be placed to the left of the forks)
f. dinner plate
g. dessert spoon
h. dessert fork
i. water glass
j. red wine glass
k. white wine glass
l. dinner knife (knife blade facing the plate)
m. salad knife (knife blade facing the plate)
n. teaspoon
o. soup spoon

Dinner plates should be placed about 2 inches from the table’s edge, centered in front of each chair.
Neatly line up silverware from the bottoms and space them about a half inch apart.
If you have a soup course, the soup bowl should be placed on top of the dinner plate.
If you are using name cards, place them above the dessert utensils to the left of the drinking glasses.

I hope you will find this little cheat sheet helpful next time you begin setting your table!

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See you back here next week, with tips on how to decorate for your party!


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