Friday, February 25, 2011

Valentine's Photo Shoot Tutorial

I am pleased to admit that yes, I DID take the photos of my kids on Valentine's Day!
Many of you asked if they were professional.

The good news?
You can take photos like them, too!

And you don't need a professional studio.
Or even a professional camera!
I do have a this camera
but similar results could be achieved with a simple point and shoot.

To achieve my backdrop,
I went shopping at the Family Dollar for Valentine appropriate decorations.
 I wanted one thing for the background 
and a few things Little Bug could interact with for the pictures.
I came home with:
~ a calendar to make the heart garland
~ candy hearts
~ and a balloon.
I spent $4 on decorations.
(and then used the candy hearts for a Valentine game with my hubby and the balloon provided hours of entertainment for Little Bug.  $4 well spent.)

I then took a white quilt (you could use a sheet) and draped it over my couch next to a white wall.
And hung up my heart garland (low and close to the couch since I have short kiddos!)
Use the room in your house that has the best lighting and turn off that flash!
Natural light is best.

Then, dressed my models in color appropriate cloth diapers.
And shot my pictures!

I gave Little Bug candy hearts and the balloon to make for interesting shots.
And did each of their photo shoots while the other one was sleeping.

Next week, I'll share how I edited the photos to give a professional look and feel
Easy peasy to do that.
I promise!

I'm going to be doing a fun St. Patrick's Day photo shoot, too.
Will you take what you learn here and join me?
So go hit up the dollar store for some fun decorations!
Or make your own!


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