Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Recap

You'll have to forgive me for bringing Easter up for another post.
And you'll have to forgive me for the overwhelming amount of pictures of my children.

Now that that's out of they way...

Easter was nice.
We drove 8 hours to be with family.
And it was worth every minute.

Little Bug actually liked the Easter Bunny!

And he caught on REAL quick about the egg thing.

When the hunt was all over, he kept signing "more" and then "please".

We dyed easter eggs pink.
And then dyed our hand pink.

Lady Bug loved the colors.

There may or may not have even been a little love connection.

And the 8 hour drive wasn't even that bad.
Thanks to...

Sleeping babies.


McDonald's PlayPlaces.

And husbands who will indulge his inner child.

Thanks for reading.
And thanks for loving my family, too.
I know you can't resist these eyes any more than I can.


  1. I just love the more and please photos. So AWESOME!! Having a niece who is deaf, it is very cool to know she can relate to the little ones, as she understands what they are saying. My son can do more and food, but we're still working on please.

  2. Very nice photos, lovely, thanks for sharing!

  3. Are you kidding, I had to make my family sit still long enough to see your Easter pics. Love them all!


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