Friday, March 16, 2012

Custom Business Cards from Vistaprint

I showed you how to make those fun, embellished paper clips last week.  Remember?

Well, I finally got my custom business cards in the mail from Vistaprint and I wanted to show you how fun the clips look on them!

Not bad, right?  These will be clipped on to each custom bag I sell.  Along with directions on how to see the people who's lives were changed by your purchase.  

And that paper clip?  I hope you use it in your calendar, or book, or on the end of your nose while changing diapers or taking out the trash. 

Those business cards were custom made by me in Photoshop using Erin Bradley's fun clip art.  You can upload your own design or logo into the program, but if you don't have one, Vistaprint has tons of super cute already-made designs ready for you to plug your business name into.


Wouldn't these be great "mommy cards", too. {well, minus the cleaning lady card... why can't I look that cute while cleaning?!}  Mommy cards = cards to hand out to those sweet moms we meet at the playground with our email address and cell phone... for future play dates!
 And their prices are super cheap.  I can often get 250 business cards FREE by just paying shipping.

So, don't be jealous of my business cards... Go make some of your own!

Let's all chant it together now... Vistaprint!  Vistaprint!  Vistaprint!

Oh, and if you buy something through my link, I'll get $3... even if you order the free business cards.  Help me buy a tall soy mocha from Starbucks this weekend?  I'd be forever grateful.  Although, I'd wish you were sitting with me at the coffee shop.


  1. yea! love them. it makes my cards look so dumb and plain. i want to order some more!

    1. Well I DID use a glue gun on them... ;) Thanks for stopping by Kimbo!


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