Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Spraypainted Donut Boxes

We bought a box of muffins and donuts last week at Tim Horton's to share with some friends.  I thought the boxes were perfect to help me organize my new craft hutch, so I couldn't throw them away.

But the Tim Horton's logo and color scheme just didn't fit my decor.

So, I took a little spray paint to it and LOVE the results.

Want to see the before and after?

Here's how I did it...

Simply spray paint the entire outside of the box.  My favorite spray paint for this project was the Krylon Primer & Paint in one.  {Same one I used for this craft} It gave the best coverage the first time.

To get the doily image, I folded a paper doily over the edge.

The sprayed lightly across the top and sides.  Peel the doily off immediately.

Perfect doily imprint!

They now house my stamps, scissors, paints, and anything else crafty that needed a little home.

You are all suddenly craving donuts and muffins aren't you?

PS - voting is LIVE for the Pinterest Challenge!  Go make your voice heard!


  1. This is so pretty!! I love that you could take this and apply it to so many different surfaces! I love your blog, thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thanks Lindsay! What a fun blog you have! LOVE those dyed jeans :)

  2. This is truly "trash to treasures". What a great idea!!


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