Friday, March 23, 2012

Living Room Decorating Ideas {Hidden Books}

A few weeks back, I took a poll of my Facebook fans to find out what they do to hide ugly books on their bookshelves.  They had such great ideas, so I credit them for inspiring this one!

I really do hate the look of books on my bookshelf.  All different colors, sizes, and types.  Makes me cringe every time I look at it.
I had to do something.

After staring for awhile and considering have a large bonfire in my backyard to just burn them all {librarians, don't hate}, I found a solution.  Hidden books!

I'm hiding all those hideous covers behind ones I LOVE using magazine files!  I bought twenty five white cardboard magazine files from IKEA (also here on Amazon for those unfortunate souls without an IKEA).  They were cheeeeaaap... which is why I bought them.  In case my project failed miserably.

But, I'm actually really happy with the strength of the boxes.  And since my plan is to hide ALL of my books, I definitely didn't want to spend $10/file!

Look how sweet they look all lined up and pretty.  I'm so happy with the results.

Want to make some, too?

exacto knife, thrifted books with colored spines, glue gun, and magazine file

I bought all my books at thrift stores and tore off the covers to get to the beautiful spines.  There are some LOVELY ones hidden back there just waiting to be shown off!

Demolishing your books {close your eyes, English professors}:

I save the book pages for future crafts {one that I will reveal at the end of this post}.

To cover the magazine file, you will need your books to look like this:

So, cut off either the front, back, or both to create the look you need.  {I measured my books against the magazine file before cutting to make sure they would all fit across the back.}

Using a glue gun, attach the first book cover to the side of the magazine file.

Then glue down the edge of the spine.

Repeat this glue gun action for all your spines until your magazine file is covered.

In love.

But, don't worry.  I didn't throw away much from this project.  Here are three stacks of book pages used for decoration.  Did you know Pottery Barn was selling this?!  Probably for major $$$, too.

And I glued some of the leftover book covers together for some wall art in my bedroom.

Nothing went to waste.


  1. Great idea!!! It looks wonderful!

  2. I think it is so cool!) I love to read your blog, mostly because it makes me feel a little closer to you. It might be cool to decopage some B&W pics on your wall art... Thanks for all the great ideas!)

  3. What an interesting idea! Very clever. I love books, but I don't love how cluttered they look - maybe I'll have to try this.

    1. Same here! I couldn't bear getting rid of the books, but had to do something to "fix" the sight of them.

  4. Well aren't you clever! I love it all, especially the wall art!

  5. Clever! And a great way to keep them from tipping over and falling off the shelf too. I'm pinning this now...


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