Wednesday, May 18, 2011

How to Recover a Lampshade

You saw it here yesterday.

The lamp shade I recovered with that amazing Joel Dewberry fabric you all have been using to design your bags!

And some of you asked how it was done.

First, find yourself a lamp shade that needs some lovin'.

Then follow the instructions in this video! :)

I would show you what I did, but I made it up as I went along and made quite a few blunders.
You really wouldn't want to follow along with my tutorial this time.
I promise.
Plus this video is exactly what I SHOULD have done.

In case you're wondering, I actually took the lampshade off and opened it up at the seam (since it was falling apart there anyway and needed reglued).
And since I couldn't find my spray adhesive, I shimmied that lamp shade underneath my sewing machine and sewed the fabric on.

Not recommended.
Too hard.
Just spray and glue :)

Trust me.
Watch the video.
It's much easier!

1 comment:

  1. What a cool idea! Most homes in campbell, ca apartments have used lampshades that need a little retouch. This will help us save money and put a little vintage touch in your room.


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