Tuesday, May 31, 2011

California Beaches = Happy Memorial Day!

Hope your Memorial Day was SPECTACULAR!

We spent ours on the beaches of California.
Specifically Newport Beach.

I went to High School out here,
{Esperanza High School, in case any one is familiar with Orange County.}
and we are back visiting friends for a few days.

Don't worry... your bag orders are all cut and ready to be sewn together when we get back this weekend.
I still expect to have them all out to you by the 22nd of June.

With the time change, our kids are waking up around 5am.
But it allowed us to beat the Memorial Day beach rush.

Little Bug loved the sand and wasn't too afraid of the water.

Lady Bug lounged around like the Princess that she is.
{and may or may not have eaten some sand.}

There was lots of lovin' going on.

And cute suits to show off!

Ahhhh what a nice day.

Thanks for reading and joining me here.
I have made some incredible friendships because you have taken the time to comment and share your lives with me.
I'm so blessed to know you and be able to write here.


  1. That pic of your husband and son is simply precious. =) Thanks for sharing your heart and family. I hope to be able to buy a bag soon! I love your work!

  2. My babies are all grown, 27,24, and 18 this past week. I am loving watching your little ones and watching you loving them.
    Blessing friend!


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