Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Izze Bottle Vase Tutorial... Reuse those bottles!

First of all, can I just say how much I love you {my lovely reader}!
Your comments on yesterday's post touched my heart.
You all felt so similar to me.
I wish we could sit together over a cup of coffee to share our hearts and struggles over this.
I suppose the forum of this blog will have to do... for now.

Saturday in Hamtramck, MI was
"Clean Sweep Day"

Everyone in the city was outside cleaning up the streets.
It brought together so many different walks of life.

I love this city.
We moved here to make a difference and I really feel that we can and are.
{even in small ways}

It was a beautiful day to walk around the city.
Little Bug's gloves didn't fit.
I wish I had thought to bring mittens for him from winter.

This was the only piece of trash I let him pick up with his bare hands.

He spent most of the time here... leaning forward and begging to be let out.

She, of course, never even laid eyes on a piece of trash.

We can across so many empty glass bottles on our little clean up adventure.
I got inspired to share a little tutorial I've had up my sleeve.

Neil and I LOVE Izzes.
So I had a few of those glass bottles laying around the house.

They really are shaped perfectly for vases, so off the labels came.

I poured in a little of that colored rice I bragged about yesterday.
And topped them off with flower pinwheels from Target's Dollar section.
{don't you LOVE that place?!}

But I wasn't satisfied with how it looked.

So, I dumped out the rice, made a bunch of solid green colored rice, filled them up, and liked that look better.
{makes it look like my dollar section flowers are actually growing out of grass!}

But it was still missing something.

And it was my husband that came to the rescue.
"Why not use the twist off Izze lid as decoration?!"
he said.


Here's how I spiffed them up!


Turns out it is a great baby entertainer, too!


  1. I just love that! Those flowers made my heart sing today! Thank you for that!! I hope that you have a super blessed day!!


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