Wednesday, June 29, 2011

From the Archives: Patchwork Shower Curtain

 It seems that I tend to take "blogging breaks" during June and July.

Last year there were absolutely NO posts during those months.
What can I say?
I LOVE the summer months and don't want to be stuck behind a computer screen.
I'd rather be getting dirty in the garden,
kissing sweaty cheeks,
or visiting zoo animals!


Enjoy this post from the archives today.
And think about making your own!


So, for the month of February, I've been redoing our bathroom upstairs.

You've seen me get rid of excess products so far.

I just finished updating or plain white shower curtain.

This seriously cost me $5.


All I did was cut different sizes of squares in two different patterns.  I ironed in all the edges 1/2 inch (so it wouldn't fray), pinned them to the curtain, and sewed them on!
I love how it looks to brighten up our small bathroom!

Some wall art is coming soon... as soon as the necessary piece finds it's way to my house via snail mail!

{Originally posted on 2/24/10}


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