Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Meet Diddy (aka Lady Bug)

Just a little "eye candy" for you today.

I'm going to start calling "Lady Bug" by a new name 
when I refer to her on this blog.
"Lady Bug" just doesn't fit her ever blossoming personality.

Ever since she was born Little Bug has called her "Dit-ty"
{his version of "Sissy"}

The nickname has stuck and we often find ourselves calling her
or C-Diddy.
{C is the first letter of her real name}.

I don't want to share or use their first names on here to protect my kids.
While I trust my readers and have become really good friends with many of you, I don't know what "Strangers" are reading this.
Call me paranoid... it's okay.

So, meet Diddy,
or C-Diddy,
or Lil' Diddy,
or Pretty Diddy.
All of those are acceptable and much more appropriate for our peanut than Lady Bug.

Can you believe all these photos were taken and edited on my iphone?!
Technology is amazing.


  1. How about Beautiful Ditty!! She has grown so much!!
    The first picture looks like you caught her doing something. It is way too cute! I am loving the Ditty.

  2. Love the pics and the nickname and the baby :) She's absolutely adorable.

    What kind of editing software do you use for your iphone pics? I use instagram but have trouble when I go to get them printed. They end up looking grainy. Any tips?

  3. First, Diddy is beautiful!!!

    Ssecond, I'd love to know what app you are using for your iPhone to get that quality of photos. I have Camera+ and Instagram, but haven't played around too much with it. If my photos can look like this, then I want what you have!

  4. Thanks ladies! I used camera+ on the iPhone and then edited them with the lightbox program that comes with it. I think I adjusted the bottom three with the "nighttime" scene and then used "depth of field" effect. I think the key is to use natural light in the first place and then enhance from there. Hope that helps!

  5. What a doll face! Love this post! I also do not want everyone and their mother knowing my sons name. He goes by D or brown-eyed boy on my blog. I may or may not have stolen that from you & several other bloggers that do the same. :-)


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