Friday, February 24, 2012

A Pinterest Inspired First Birthday Party

So, it's one month later, but I finally got around to editing Clara's 1st Birthday pictures last night!  The wanna-be-photographer in me is not happy with the quality, but the mom in me is super happy that memories were captured on camera!

I'll start with the decor and end with some adorable smash cake pictures.

Here was the main food table.

Then some details from the table:

mason jars with vintage sheets cut up for ribbon and paper striped straws

Izze drinks - Sparkling Blackberry and Grapefruit

Smash Cake, Raspberry cupcakes, and chandelier cake stand.

We bought Clara an art easel for her birthday, so incorporating it into the decor only made sense.

Continuing with the chalkboard and goodies theme - I turned our computer table into a Yogurt Bar.  It was a huge hit.

In the living room, I set out photo books of her last year.  Along with some yarn wrapped letters that spelled her name.

These were her birthday invitations that never made it to the mail.  If you receive one in a few weeks, just laugh.

As guests entered our home, they walk up a long staircase that I decorated with paper doilies, cupcake liners, and monthly pictures of my sweet little one year old.

And finally, the smash cake.  I used my newly painted dresser as the backdrop and cut out her name from some thrifted material.  Also notice the cupcake liner streamer I made.

After stripping her down to a sweet diaper cover and pearls, she went for it!

Definitely NOT as messy as her brother, but she sure enjoyed the frosting!

ps - most of my inspiration came from Pinterest... where else?


  1. How beautiful! I wish I would have known about Pinterest last year. lol We did an Elmo themed party for our daughter Hailey. I think when our daughter Harper turns one we will do something creative like what you did!

  2. awww she is so adorable! I love all your decorations, so pretty for a pretty little lady! x

  3. Creative and beautiful all the way around!

  4. Rebecca, your party for little bit was adorable. I love the beads and cake especially! What a little cutie, I can't believe that she is already one.

  5. Everything looked so beautiful, the color scheme you used is perfect. And your little girl is absolutely beautiful :)


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